ARC encourages questions to VA candidates

As we move closer to the Virginia general election on November 2, our partner organization, the Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy (VICPP) suggests questions that we might ask the candidates.  We ask you to pose such questions to your candidates, to encourage them to give priority to those issues.

The Virginia general election will be on November 2.  Voters will select their choices for Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General and Delegates to the General Assembly.  
Candidates running for offices, especially in contested seats, are usually very visible and accessible during the election season. You may be invited to town hall meetings or fundraising events. Use these events to ask questions of candidates. If you are a donor to a candidate, send a letter along with your donation expressing your concern about issues.  

These are some of the questions that VICPP would love to see candidates address, especially the gubernatorial candidates:  

How will you reduce the number of people who are jailed before trial primarily because they are poor?

How will you reduce the excessive use of solitary confinement in Virginia’s prisons?

How will you expand the affordable housing options available to low-income households?

How will you address incidents of white supremacist violence and attacks? 

Do you support establishing a standard of 5 paid sick days for ALL Virginia workers in 2022?

Will you make it a priority of your campaign?

Do you support removing the exemption to the minimum wage for farmworkers so farmworkers have the same labor protections as other workers?

How will you strengthen enforcement against wage theft and misclassification in order to ensure that workers are paid all their legally owed wages and employers pay their fair share of payroll taxes?

By asking these questions, you will help make these issues and concerns a priority in the election.  Thank you for your advocacy during this election season.   
Kim Bobo 
Executive Director