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You can help build the momentum we need to make a difference in Virginia. Here are the some of the Anti-Racism volunteer actions you can take:

  • Education — work to educate our MVUC community about how to become more effective anti-racist allies
  • Witness — publicly stand in solidarity with others who are supporting racial equity and justice
  • Service — work collaboratively with community organizations engaged in social justice activities
  • Advocacy — engage with political leaders to actively encourage legislative changes that promote racial equity and justice
  • Protest — engage in direct action in our community to bring attention to the need for such changes with political leaders and activists for political change

Visit our Latest News page regularly to keep up on what’s new and email with your interest(s) included in the subject line. We will answer your questions and if requested, connect you to the appropriate contact.

Focus Groups

Since the earliest days of this initiative, we have focused on areas of systemic racism at the state and local level that are of greatest concern to the team members. The groups that are currently active are highlighted and detail is included. If you are interested in a focus area not listed, contact us and we’ll help you get started.

Environmental Justice

In coordination with the Climate Action Team
Heat islands are becoming more serious with advancing climate change, and they affect the health of residents in areas where the tree canopy is diminished. Working through the Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions, we are advocating to increase the tree canopy in the County, and have met with Adam Ebbin, Scott Surovell, and Dan Storck on the issue to alert them to the need for changes to the tree code at the State level.

Reducing energy costs (and greenhouse gas emissions) for lower income residents is a matter of small fixes inside the home to prevent wasted energy and water (caulking windows, adding insulation, aerators in faucets, etc.). This work is being done free of charge by volunteers in Energy Masters, and also through Fairfax County’s Home Wise program. Plans are being considered to organize an Energy Masters training session at the church.
Group Coordinator: Barbara Bacon. Contact:

Criminal Justice

End Child Support Accrual While Incarcerated
Virginia is one of a very small number of states that treats incarceration as voluntary unemployment. Thus, modification of child support during incarceration is not allowed. This policy must be changed as it exacerbates the vicious cycle of incarceration and does nothing to help people, who have served their time, reunite with their families and reintegrate into their communities. The Child Support Obligations bill states that a party’s incarceration for 180 or more consecutive days, not be deemed voluntary unemployment or underemployment. Gov. Northam signed HB 2055 with the proviso that it be reenacted by the 2022 Session of the General Assembly to take effect.
Group Coordinators: Joan Darrah and Lynne Kennedy. Contact:

Individual Civil Action for Police Misconduct; Elimination of Qualified Immunity Defense
Virginians harmed by police misconduct must have the right to sue law enforcement officers or law enforcement agencies in state court for violations of civil rights that cause injury or death. Police officers sued must be prevented from claiming the defense of qualified immunity, which effectively prevents juries from finding police liability. A bill in the 2021 Session of the General Assembly, HB 2045, to create such a civil right was deferred until the 2022 legislative session. The Virginia NAACP and the ACLU of Virginia are strong advocates for such legislation.
Group Coordinator: Susan Lewis. Contact:

Police Reform
By coordinating with the ACLU of VA on actions to address systemic racism in policing, this focus group is working to change the role police play in our society. If we reorder our budget priorities at the state and local level, we can significantly reduce budgets for policing without impacting our safety and reinvest those funds in programs that have been consistently underfunded in Black and non-Black communities for decades, including schools, housing, economic opportunity and healthcare. For more information on this action plan, contact.
Group Coordinator: Karen Delmonico. Contact:

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